Anyone who watches too much TV should be well aware of a clever little marketing trick called squeeze credits. During the final credits of the show, it will squish itself into one side of the screen. On the other side, you'll see an ad for the show airing next. (Sometimes the beginning of the show itself.) Usually they segue right into that show as soon as the credits finish rolling.

The theory is that the network already has your attention - since your favorite show just ended, you're still sitting on the couch - and they try to hook you on the next show before you get bored with commercials and find something better to do. If I myself am any indication, this is a very effective practice. I hate seeing/hearing the beginning of something (TV show, book, song) and not knowing how it ends.

An excellent example of squeeze credits is the show Law & Order. I've watched three episodes one after another, and they squeeze the credits more than anyone I've ever seen. On a 30 inch screen, I would say the credits take up the bottom four inches. Truly impressive.

One bad side effect though: The credits suffer quite a bit from their crushing. They often scroll much faster than normally, and if you can read the names at all, you only get about a third of a second to do so. This robs lesser-known characters, and all the crew, of any recognition. A little strange that the credits no longer give any credit, but such is show business.

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