There's a certain feeling that I've never been able to reproduce outside of a movie theatre. It's an awkward, odd sort of feeling. It's that feeling you get when the screen fades to black and the credits begin to roll after a particularly good movie.

It starts with a silence. There's a moment where everyone in the theatre just sits there after the screen goes black. It's as if they're all switching modes in their brains...they are suddenly switching out of the imaginary world of the movie and into the real world. The momentary silence is followed by a sudden wave of awkwardness as everyone realizes how emotional the movie made them. They suddenly wonder what kinds of silly faces they were making during the movie, and they hope nobody saw them.

This awkwardness is followed by a nervous stretching of arms, popping of joints, and smiling at companions to reassure them that you are entirely aware that it was just a movie and it has, in fact, not affected you in the least, as evidenced by the big smile on your face and the loud popping of your joints.

Sometimes, though, you see a movie which so utterly stuns you that you forget to follow the routine. You forget to pop your joints and stretch and smile reassuringly at your friends. Instead, you sit there in utter silence, with an odd, intense, sometimes confused look on your face as your brain tries to comprehend the beautiful input it just received.

Those are the movies I like to go to.

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