Stories with holes are word based logic puzzles that tell a story. This game is much like a different version of the game 20 questions. A situation or background is given to depict and event or scene, but key parts of the information are not given. People participating this activity ask yes or no questions about objects or history of the given information. The person running the puzzle can reply with an answer with either "yes", "no", or tell that the answer would no effect the outcome. The winner is the one to complete the holes of the story.

A man was found dead beside a rock in a remote area. There were no marks on the body, but there was no need for examination of the body, the cause of death was apparent. The news came as a shock to the entire town. Who was the man? Why did he die?

The man was Superman and died of exposure to kryptonite.

These games are good for the entertainment of higher level grade school children. It isn't hard to create your own story with holes from riddles or pop culture. Simple stories with holes take a couple (2) of minutes, more difficult ones can take up to ten (10) minutes. You can alter the rules to eliminate players if they ask too many questions or guess the hole wrong, but personally I rather not call on these people for a short period of time and allow others to think.

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