A club in Chicago's Wicker Park, located on North Ave a few steps West of Damen.

Subterranean's ground floor features a nice sized bar, a chill lounge-style room and stage on which local bands are featured.
Stairs at the front door lead to an upper floor which is much darker, more devoid of furniture, and usually costs more money to enter. The stage on the second level also features bands expected to draw a larger crowd. It is also used often for hip hop shows, DJ and MC battles and the like. There is also an upper balcony to this floor with nice views of the stage below and more comfortable chairs.



Somewhere below the surface, where sunlight never filters,

and the forces are large, ancient and mostly subtle, it takes

a million years to make a change -


Somewhere beyond the range of sight and hearing, a current flows

like time outside of time and space outside of space,

a motion with a mute determination and grace -


Somewhere remote from expectations of nations and railroad stations

that things have order and are predictable, there is the stone core

of what remains stable, yet unstable -


We move like mice and motes, whole civilizations rise and perish

as continents push up against each other’s edges, creating Himalayas.

And even that takes a thousand ages -


We strive like a hive of bees to compete and complete and be replete

with things like wealth and honor and ownership, and what a trip

to think that beneath all of the conniving there is something grand -


and more profound that will outlast every clever blast our arrogance

may sound and remain untouched by the miniscule rule of men - 


A subterranean Zen -

Sub`ter*ra"ne*an (?), Sub`ter*ra"ne*ous (?),a. [L. subterraneus; sub under + terra earth. See Terrace.]

Being or lying under the surface of the earth; situated within the earth, or under ground; as, subterranean springs; a subterraneous passage.

-- Sub`ter*ra"ne*ous*ly, adv.


© Webster 1913.

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