T-molding is the plastic trim that commonly appears on arcade games, slot machines, elecotromechanical games other coin operated machinery. t-molding is usually placed upon the leadinging edges so it faces potential game players.

T-molding gets its name from the fact that it is installed into long grooves, and if you look at the edge of a piece of t-molding, it is actually shaped like a T.

On a modern arcade game, t-molding will be installed on the edges of each sides, which usually stick out a bit from the front of the machine. This is done to keep the wood of the machine from being torn up easily. Most games use simply black t-molding. But other games use custom colors, and a few even use chrome t-molding. It is very difficult to find proper replacement trim for some machines (games with mitten print t-molding, ecetera). For example, my Turbo machine has black t-molding with two raised teal stripes, and I have not been able to find a replacement for it anywhere, luckily mine is still in excellent condition, but if it wasn't I would have to settle for a non-original color.

A standard upright machine needs about 25 feet of t-molding. This is a very useful number to know if you are ordering replacement t-molding. The most common sizes are 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4". Even the European machines use the same sizes as the American ones. The 3/4" t-molding is the most common of them all, and almost all machines use that size. The 1/2" t-molding is common on Donkey Kong machines, and other games in early Nintendo cabinets. The 5/8" t-molding usually only appears on cockpit cabinets and other odd games.

You usually cannot find t-molding at your local hardware store, or even your local coin op repair shop, you usually have to order it. Happcontrols.com sells basic black and t-molding.com has several colors available. But usually the best place to get t-molding is eBay (it is often cheaper, and is sometimes the only place you can find the strange kinds).

You can order t-molding online at www.t-molding.com.

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