Most people in the advertising industry are made of plastic.
I'm not saying this to be witty or clever, I'm saying this because I know.

They TRY to be individual but they all do it in the same way.
They TRY to be crazy just so they can tell you how crazy they are.
They don't do things for attention... just FOR the attention.
They pretend to know everything but in reality know very little.
They think the internet is email

When they are faced with a person who really doesn't care how crazy they are or how they are dressed today they don't quite know how to handle it. They almost look straight through you.

The question keeps being asked; When do you want to become an art director? One of us, one of us! the chant goes out... That would be like selling myself to the devil.

If you think the products being advertised are plastic, you should try working with the people in the agencies.

I guess a geek is a geek wherever you go...

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