Okay kids, this is one node to follow along at home.

  1. Find yourself a good shot glass, such as the Eric Cartman South Park Shot Glass
  2. Fill with cheap tequila. Why waste the good stuff?
  3. Cut a lime into small wedges, and have one handy
  4. Lick the area of the back your hand between the thumb and index finger
  5. Pour salt on the moistened area (not your wounds)
  6. Take a deep breath
  7. Lick the carefully-placed salt off your hand, slam the cheap tequila (I can't emphasize that enough), then suck on the lime
  8. Repeat. Always repeat.

A variation is to do a body shot, which (as it has been explained to me, anyway) involves licking and pouring salt on a member of the opposite sex (or not, it's not terribly important) who has the lime in his/her mouth.

Again, repetition can only enhance the experience.

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