This is a very easy way to incapacitate yourself for driving or operating heavy machinery. Take a sturdy, tall glass; something that does not break easily on impact. You pour in a shot of tequila, and add Sprite or 7Up to about 1/3 full.

Now comes the action. Place the palm of your hand over the glass, lift the glass and slam it straight down onto the bar or any hard surface. This will violently liberate the carbon dioxide from the drink, resulting in a frothy substance that will rapidly rise to the top of the glass. The goal now is to chug the contents before the glass overflows (i.e. alcohol abuse). An alternative may be the tequila slammer royale. Simply replace the soda with champagne.

Repeat as desired. Have fun, but be careful with the slamming. Alcohol, broken glass and blood don't mix very well.

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