See also tao, since one way tao can be translated is as "the way".

The Way is a tubular sub-universe that was created by Korzenowski in Greg Bear's Eon when he attempted to invent a propulsion method that involved using the curved space created by a singularity. Instead of the intended results, a permanent deformity in our universe was created.

The Way extended indefinately, was fourty kilometers in diameter and wormed its way through our universe, touching at various spacial points as well as temporal ones. By using a clavical, a gate opener was able to pierce the ultra-complex geometry stacks as various points and open up gates to various worlds and universes.

In the future, a complex, advanced society came to be that lived in The Way. A rotating city was made that drew its energy from the singularity that ran down the middle. The city slowly made its way down The Way in search of new worlds to interact with. At the beginning of Eon, humans occupied upto 2^9 kilometers of The Way.

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