She lies on the ground, gripping the edge, looking over the ledge.
Staring at the ultimate infinity, the great divine, a vast abyss.
Her body, her mind, her heart, her soul; she lights up with bliss.
I can see mars from here, she says to herself and smiles.
Everything’s out here, I feel so pure, I feel like I’ve never felt before.

Look at the stars.

She takes a picture
Of beauty and ugliness,
Of elegance and simplicity,
Of the future and the past,
Of comedy and tragedy,
Of freedom and suppression,
Of happiness and depression.

Something to remember forever, and never to forget.

Something flies by and catches her eye, what was that?
A meteorite falls and a whole shower follows.
Space rock rain makes her heart jump up to her head (brain).
Now all she can hear is vessels pumping and blood flowing.
To get a better view of the show she repositions herself, sitting at the end of the world.
The moon, the moon touches her, amazes her, so poised and so bright.
It’s so pretty, no wonder it light’s up the night
She says as she reaches out to grab it and put it in her pocket.

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