Logically, an assortment of the items required to preserve foods by simple canning.

In NetHack, a tinning kit is a highly useful item. Tins of meat weigh less than whole corpses and stay good pretty much forever. Tinning kits are charged items, meaning they can only be used so many times before they stop working (I guess until you run out of empty tins or something).

A blessed tinning kit is even better, as it creates blessed tins. A cursed tinning kit will, by similar logic, create cursed tins, which are always discovered to be rotten upon opening.

A blessed tinning kit isn't a bad item to wish for, assuming you have most of the rest of your ascension kit ready. You'll never go hungry again. Besides, few things are more embarassing than being killed by a large kobold on level 5 of the Dungeons of Doom because you were passed out on the floor, starved of nutrition.

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