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The act of being in the trunk of a car while it is in motion. Occasionally it's required because of lack of proper seating, though most of the time it's a fun way to pass time amongst bored kids.

There are many fun things to do with trunk rides. The most obvious is of course, having the driver zig-zag, stop quickly, and take sharp turns. As long as the person in the trunk is ready for what is about to happen and their aren't any loose articles (like crowbars) in the trunk with him/her, this can be very enjoyable for the person in the trunk - like being on a roller coaster.

Often, when you've already crammed so many people into the car that you run out of seat belts and people wearing seat belts to hold down the people not wearing seat belts, trunk rides become a necessity.

But this just makes the ride more fun, because there are more people to harass the guy in the trunk. Many times did our trunk rides turn into a game of "can you guess where we are now," where the driver tries to fool the trunk rider into thinking he's somewhere he's not. Usually, this just meant we ended up driving in circles in a parking lot for an hour.

Speed bumps are also a good trunk ride activity.

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