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A game involving a large plastic ball, with a radius of at least 3 feet. It must be able to bounce.
To play:
Get a group of 15 to 30 geeks and nerds. Draw a line in some dirt. The object is to hit or kick the ball to your opponent team's side and let it bouce twice. Then proceed to violate rules at will. Pure chaos is the point and fun is the result.
After the first fifteen minutes, the ante is raised. Now, one must yell out at geek or nerd quote while hitting the ball. Acceptable sources are The Matrix, The Simpsons, The Tick, Futurama, Slashdot, Everything, Star Wars, Star Trek, Death Race 2000, Austin Powers or any other similar media.
A particularly good hit/quote that scores a point requires the battlecry, "Nerd!" While making a capital N with both index fingers and thumbs.

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