When did you realize everything was going to be alright?

the moment they fell asleep in my arms

the moment they stared at me with those

deep brown eyes

when they spoke in that voice

so angelic i could've sworn heaven was finally looking upon me

no one could be heaven

there's only one heaven

and it's not the one that looks over me


disjointed thoughts

become images

become scenes

become reality in low light

everything is yours

worlds don't collide for long, they merge


i drew hearts on their back while they took my breath away

all low light gives way to disintegration

words fade, melt, become nothing

everything is mine

but how could you know?

you never see them at all

i bet they don't know you like i do

maybe that's true

but my scars have healed

and i want to know them more

and know you less


so no matter what you say

or do

to make me see

through your eyes

know that i long for

this burning feeling in my chest

and i can trust myself

(i have to, i have to)

you're making a mistake

you'll never get anywhere

the mistake is mine to make

running doesn't solve a damn thing

escaping does.


miss me with that shit.


for the final time.


So I'll sing, butterfly

There is only so much time

That we can take

Before it's gone

And I hope it'll be enough

To save us from

The end of the night


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