as the pressure from my sinuses clears

and my ears


thoughts of mine dictate

the world that could exist

when i meet you


all the details falling

into place like a portrait

the light bursting through

the open windows of john wayne airport


follow the breadcrumbs

voices that pain themselves

in attempts to sound cheery

echoes fade to black

eye contact is made

heart stops


"hi there."

awkwardly scratching the back

of my head, i

hear the blood rush just as quickly

did that sound right?

do i look presentable?

has everything gone to plan?


you can only smile


for it's hard to not want to smile

seeing you



you grab my hand

i grab your case

driving back

(which i hope to learn to do soon)

the truest of joy can become



and i hope this is how it goes

midnight, october 11

sick in bed but still fighting

for every inch of reality

if it means i get to see your face


she said i would probably die alone

but god is real and he lives in nebraska

and he'll come down to see me any moment now

and maybe i'll kiss him on the lips when he gets here

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