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A type of open stove that consists of a rotating spit mounted vertically in front of a panel of heating elements, usually gas. Meat that is roasted on this spit is usually shaved off by the cook, who holds a knife in one hand and collects the meat in a dustpan-like tool held in the other hand.

It is used to cook gyros and shwarma, and so is not commonly seen in the United States, outside of a Greek or Arab restaurant.

Meat cooked on a vertical broiler tends to drip out much of its fat, which is good for those who want their fat out of their meat, as well as for those who want to isolate the fat of other nefarious purposes.

A vertical broiler is also used in Mexico to make tacos al pastor. The broiler can either have free flames heating the meat by radiation, or the flame can be used to heat ceramic bricks that radiate on the meat.

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