Discussed at length in Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash. Religion is said to a virus of the brain while atheism is the vaccination.

The soft links to this seem to somehow forget the dualistic distinction between brain and mind. One being the hardware (Or the meat as Gibson puts it), the other being the software or operating system.

Religion (and the whole field of memetics) has very little to do with the physical structure of the brain, and almost entirely with the conscious and subconscious workings of the brain. (Of course we can't forget the pineal gland)

As far as the snow crash reference in the above writeup is concerned, it is either a GROSS oversimplification, or just plain wrong. Yes, there were viral connections with the basis of religion, but no where did it even suggest that athiesm was a solution (in fact, there was no defence against the religion/virus other than a counter religion/virus based on the original one)

Unfortunately, for the human mind to work, consciousness needs to have an anchor. This anchor is religion. It could be Allah, God, Zeus, love, or a Ham Sandwich, but somewhere, there has to be something helping us define reality. The athiest steadfastly, and dogmatically refuses to believe in a god, the scientist holds the scientific method as absolute, and I could go on for days...

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