The person who came up with tab completion needs to be locked in a room with an alarm clock with a snooze button on it, and thus doomed to an eternity of serial, staccato interruptions, useful completion to be obtained nevermore.

Similarly, the person who invented the snooze button needs to be locked in a room with a keyboard on which every key functions as the tab key, and thus be doomed to an eternity of completions, never again to know a handy interruption.

These two insanely useful devices have seriously fucked with me for a long time now. The opportunity to express such perfect symmetry was irresistible

Add another victim to the horror of tab completion.

Most problematic to me is the fact that I have to organize a lot of directory trees at work, and I find myself choosing names at various levels of hierarchy that will accelerate the tab completion.

For example, if we had blah/dev and blah/dump as recommended sub-dirs, I will restructure the tree to blah/src and blah/dump so that s-tab and d-tab complete with only one letter when I am cd'ing through directory blah. (And of course, at the level of blah, we'll not be having bar and baz -- gotta be foo, etc)

When renaming isn't an option, I find myself learning exactly how many letters are necessary to uniquely do the completion. Most of my co-workers no longer enjoy watching me type.

Infection stage: terminal

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