Myth: Never wake a sleepwalker.

A.They won't try to strangle you to death.
B. It is dangerous not to wake a sleepwalker because they might climb into a trash compactor, or jump into a pool of razor blades, or attempt to read without proper lighting.

Myth: Cigarettes and Booze will make you more like Dylan Thomas.

A. People who drink too much run the risk of memory loss and damage to the brain. This is partially due to Alchohol's enormous consumption of vitamin B1, which a deficiency of causes a collapse of the cognitive functions of the brain.
B. Your brain needs a good amount of oxygen. Smoking disrupts the flow of oxygen to the brain. Nicotine in high doses can have a paralyzing effect on the nervous system and causes mental and physical side-effects...

Myth: All you need is love.

A. Humans cannot survive without proper nourishment.
B. Humans cannot survive in harsh climates without shelter.
C. After humans find love, they normally find that they also need children as well.

What we've learned today:

Don't have children who grow up to be alcoholic chain-smoking sleepwalkers.

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