See visual hallucination. Visions have been part of human culture throughout the ages, particularly mysticism and religion. In the modern world those who see visions will usually be classed as schizophrenic, visions can also be caused by drug withdrawal or use of hallucinogens. Of course there may be a further type of vision that represents true religious experience and is not pathological, such as a mystic might see. Otherwise of course you could argue that all mystics who see visions are in reality ill. Maybe mystics are using the so-called God spot, but little is yet known about its function, maybe more researach will clarify this issue. See schizophrenia for a little more on the debate.

If you were to look into my eyes
What would you see?
Would it be the faint trace of sparkle still untouched
That characterized the potential of youth
But has since vanished
And been replaced by growing clouds of self-doubt
And selfishness and worry

Would you see the glimmer of idealism that I once had?
The sense that being happy is natural
And not a major daily struggle
For emotional survival
Or do you instead see the fear?
Of being alone...again
And of false hope
Do you see me looking over my shoulder, shuddering?
My personal demons hunting me
And haunting me
I’m so tired of running

Would you see the tears in the corners?
The agony I now feel
And the pain of failure
It all seemed so easy once
For me
And for us
What’s happened? And what’s happening?
Why are these bitter tears streaming from my eyes?
And down my once soft and gentle cheeks
Now made jagged and uninviting

Would you see the desperation I feel?
Of fighting to get back what I once had
What we once had together
I don’t understand myself anymore
And I’m so weak, so drained
I need the ring bell to sound
To save me, and rescue me from myself
From what I’m becoming

You might know me
But I don’t think you know what I feel
I need you to salvage my soul
And make my body warm again
To bring peace to the internal frenzy

I need you to stare at me
All of me
And help me put things right
But, just tell me now
If you were to look into my eyes
What would you see?

My first noded poem.../msg'ed feedback is welcome.

life shattered in reflexive reverie

this melancholic has pondered too much, too damn much

bronzed haze hovers o'er this spindle twirl city

like so many alley dogs nosing through the waste


lost but all knowing

blind but all seeing

loose lips fall fast for open ears

'til they're tired and torn and singin' prayers for solitaire


never been much for the good life

honest to gawed it scares the hell out of me

still these daydream hours slip by

whether hollow or bright eyes choose to receive them


and it was but yesterday

that i finally found the man i was

only to lose him hours later

to a thin setting sun


oh but did you see that murder fly yesterday

black hordes consuming the skyline

the one, he sits now outside my bedroom window

he and his cohorts, they laugh and laugh

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