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A delightful toy being a water filled balloon, usually orange, which is donut shaped, resulting in it being a tube which turns in on itself at the ends. About five inches long and two inches thick, it has the proportions of a sausage, but because of its construction, if you squeeze it, it flies right out of your hand.

The water sausage is usually found at novelty and souvenier stores in touristy places where cool cheap junk seems to proliferate.

There are two main things you can do with your water sausage, one being to squeeze it at one end, so it flies out, then catch it with the other hand, and repeat. The other is to put your finger in it, which feels funny, because it rolls onto your finger, like the treads of a tank. It's always kind of cold since it's filled with water, so it's a good toy to play with in the summer. Just don't throw it at someone, because it'll most likely break. Save that for water balloons. You might have to travel 200 miles or more to find a touristy place that sells them.

The main drawback of the water sausage is its unbelievably short lifespan. I've had a couple in my lifetime, and none survived longer than a day.

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