Cast of Thousands, Chapter 25

Gail shook her head, smiling, and looked through the wig rack. When Jessie reappeared, spider-style, her older sister was wearing a long hot-pink ponytail.

"What do you think?" Gail spun around so that the false hair fanned out.

"It's you!" Jessie chirped. "What do you think of mine?" She pretended to throw webs across the room and swung over to Gail.

"Not bad. I think you should get it."

"Well, I think you should get that wig."

"Oh yeah? What about this one?" Gail pulled off the pink ponytail and donned a short shiny green pageboy.

Jessie looked at her wide-eyed. "That ROCKS. You have to get it."

"Only if I can pick you up from school wearing it," Gail laughed.

"It's a deal!" Jessie bounced back into the changing room and collected her clothes. She called out, "The only problem with this costume is that it doesn't have any hands. Do you think we can get red mittens somewhere or something?"

"Wouldn't you rather have gloves?"

"Gloves, mittens. Can we?"

"Probably. I'll keep an eye out." Gail collected their purchases and got in line. Her little sister bounced around her like a tightly-strung paddleball, ricocheting from one candy rack to another. "Gail, Gail, look at this! Gail, look, it's a lollipop that turns into a whistle and you can play music on it! Look, they have bags of glitter confetti! Can I get glitter confetti? Look, it comes in rainbow! Look, they have, they have shiny balloons! Look, they have rainbow swirly balloons too! Oh wow! Wax root beer bottle candy!"

"Shrimpling," Gail told her kindly, "if you don't calm down I'm going to have to pretend I don't know you."

"But can I get the whistle lollipop? Can I, can I?" She hopped up and down on one foot, staring at Gail beseechingly.

"Well, I guess you can't get any more hyper. Give it to me."

They exited the store, Gail walking and her sister spinning around her like a top, tooting away on the whistle.

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