A word puzzle which arose from the definition of arothelp: find words which when reversed (approximate reversal is acceptable) yield another word meaning the opposite thing.

Sylvar was the first to find a clever solution:

"madam" (a respectable lady) is the opposite of "madam" (a brothelkeeper)
A related variation would be to find words whose exact reversal yields an approximately opposite meaning. A very weak example which springs to mind is "evil--live". broken-winged bird also came up with:
There's "on," which is the electronic equivalent of "yes," but if you reverse it, spells "no."

Email me (or node) further suggestions.

Here is an unusual close-solution to the problem, taken from a book whose title was The Puzzling Adventures of Dr. Eco, I believe. (I was unable to verify the title or find the author, sadly).

If you take the word "up", and reverse it not by mirroring the letter-order, but by rotating it 180 degrees, you get "dn", the abbreviation for "down".

Two reversible words, with almost reverse meanings as well:

Amok (Amuck) vs. Coma

Depending on the spelling, these are literally reversible or not.

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