The wyrd folk genre of music is dedicated to spiritual acid folk. The spiritual aspect is usually wiccan or pagan, but fans of the genre say that its more about open mindedness.

If you are in a record store and find yourself in front of a bin marked Wyrd Folk, some of the artists in that bin might include:

Dead Can Dance
Inkubus Sukkubus

The album cover art will be filled with faeries (you spell it like that if you want to listen to wyrd folk music) and shamen and goddesses and moons, moons everywhere! (except Comus. Their album First Utterance has some kind of black emaciated dude writhing in pain - obviously a human sacrifice victim.)

How will you know if you like wyrd folk music? well you can take this simple test:

1. Does the sound of a hammered dulcimer touch your soul?
2. Do you feel spiritual in a gothic, individual way?
3. Do you believe you were born in the wrong era?
4. Do you know any good rituals?
5. Have you replaced any of the letters in your name with a "y" or a "k" because its more mystikal?
6. Ever been to a Renaissance Fair?
7. Did it bug you that I spelled Faire without the "e" above?

If you answered "yes" to most of the above, there is a good chance you might like wyrd folk music.

So you passed the test! You must be wondering where can you get some wyrd folk to listen to right now! Well, you can go to your local record store and get started with Dead Can Dance which is readily available from Warner Brothers Records. The other stuff you are probably going to order off the internet. enjoy!

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