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A term used to explain where something is hidden. Often a line heard in old pirate movies. Treasure is often buried and then a treasure map is made with an X on the map showing the location of the buried item.

A game played by children and particularly adolescents wishing to invoke in their partner a sensation of chills down their spine. A sure fire way to let someone know you've got a crush on them without taking it to the next level... To be spoken out loud while touching the playmate. It goes a little something like this...

'X marks the spot with a dot...dot...dot'
Make an x on the back, preferably a bare one, placing dots to the west, north and east of the intersection of the two lines of the X

'Cool breeze'
Blow lightly through pursed lips upon the location of the X

'Light squeeze'
Taking thumb and forefinger, gently squeeze the center of the imaginary X until wrinkles are visible on the skin between your fingers.

'Now you've got the chills.'
Lightly drum your fingers down the spine, starting just under the hairline, going down as far as you will.

Notice how your playmate shivers as the chill travels down their spine... goosebumps may occur.

There are many variations on this theme, including making lines, question marks, egg cracking, rain tapping, etc!

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