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A shareware DOS computer game developed and published by Epic Games in 1993, Xargon is a side scrolling platform game, with a two-dimensional map which was used to travel between levels and provide a simple plot.

In the traditional shareware model, the first episode was released freely as shareware, while episodes 2 and 3 had to be paid for.

You play the part of the hero Malvenious, who has discovered an ancient civilisation in the Madagascar jungle. In the first episode, you must destroy one of Xargon's reactors, in the second episode, you must find Tinia's Lyre, and in the third episode you must confront Xargon himself.

A refreshing change from most platform games of the era, the levels (and the game itself) were large, there were innovative enemies and powerups, and the gameplay was an improvement over Epic's more famous Jill of the Jungle in many ways.

System requirements: 386 or faster, VGA graphics, hard disk. Soundblaster compatible and joystick also supported.

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