Epic Megagames (formerly Potomac Computer Systems) was founded way back in 1991 (or thereabouts) by Tim Sweeney, to market his new shareware game ZZT. ZZT became a tremendous hit, popular with fun-loving, computer-savvy people who enjoyed it's unprecedented in-game editor with built-in object-oriented scripting language. Epic held a contest for the best user-created ZZT worlds, many of the winners of which (including Allen Pilgrim) became Epic employees.

In the next several years, Epic grew immensely. They began producing a tremendous, disparate body of shareware, a good portion of which was worthy of Epic's trademark quality, enjoyability, and originality. Some wasn't, of course.

Anyway, they went into a quiet stage around 1997, during which they pretty much just released Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and maybe some more pinball games. Turns out they were turning commercial behind all our backs, and took the "Mega" out of their name.

Many of these games are available for download in various spots (no longer from Epic), or from http://www.epicclassics.com if you want to pay money for some retro gaming action.

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