Yelling at children is unnecessary. Worse, it is a symptom of disorder in the home. Children can and should be disciplined more effectively. If a sharp look and a raised hand are not sufficient to induce terror and instant obedience in your young charges, you have failed them. Make no mistake: It is your failure, and yours alone. You will send them out into the world lacking the discipline required to conduct themselves as productive Christians.

Is that what you want?

I don't think so.

There is hope. You can still change. My simple and effective child-rearing stragegy has been proven over millenia of use; once you try it and find that it works, you'll see your children gain self-respect and self-confidence born of a clear knowledge of where the boundaries are. They'll know their limits and they'll know yours, and they'll be better for it. Don't bore them with endless lectures. There are ways to communicate much more effectively.

So here it is: A swift, unexpected blow to the head is worth a thousand words.

That's all you need to know. Sure, there are some other details: They won't eat? Fine. A few days in the basement will sharpen any appetite! They listen to loud Satanic music? Naturally, you should destroy the records immediately, but you can cure their desire for loud noises with just a little gunfire close to the ear, and solve the problem forever.

Use your imagination! But remember: Keep it visceral. Children don't understand adult logic, and they appreciate it when you communicate things in ways they can understand.

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