I looked across the table at her and she smiled. I'd been infatuated with her for quite some time and now here we were, on a date. The lighting was low, candles shone in our faces from the middle of the table.

We were having a drink having finished our starter and chatting whilst waiting on the main course. The conversation was light but hinting, simmering with potential for later.

I looked at her smile, struck once more by the beauty of it as I had been so many times since we had first met. Those beautiful lips, no lipstick but the perfect rose colour. You could actually see the candlelight shining slightly off those pearl white teeth. I said to her

"You have perfect teeth, I can't believe how beautiful they are"

She giggled a little and, without saying a word, reached up to her mouth with her right hand and with a gentle tug she removed her top teeth from her mouth and grinned at me.

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