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You are beautiful, but your beliefs are abhorrent.

Your prescence makes my heart skip, but you are indifferent.

Your eyes upon me puts butterflies into my stomach, but you now hate me.

The sound of your voice is as heavenly music, but you ignore me.

I wish to love and protect you, but you are a cruel monster

You are full of life, but you make me think of death.

Hmm, inspirational nodeshell makes me write very bad "poetry"

The way your sullen lips purse, avoiding a smile indefinitely, such things are beyond you now. Your long, flowing hair seems so dark, if only because it contrasts so sharply with the stark white of that face, your ghostly, angellic face that floats in my dreams and slips through a thought, but not this thought.. why do you detest the sun? You seem so horridly afraid of a new complexion, a complexion that would be anything but infinitely pure. You're so scared.. your shoulders quiver when I speak to you, I know it takes much more than I can even comprehend for you to retain any sort of composure.

I see it in the way you stare, eyes glazed over.. am I there? The place that you've created, that is, the place you seem to drift off to whenever time permits. Time is yours, though, you don't wait for anyone, don't care for those who might love you if you'd stay here, here in this universe for a short while.. you seem so drawn to another place, you don't even know what is there, on the other side.. past the green of fresh spring grass, dreamy chameleon sky.. but you seem so anxious to get there.

This world is not enough for you. You make me think of death.

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