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curiosities of mathematical physics, New England, contemporary history, and literature
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Born in a graveyard,
raised in a tomb,
more machine than man,
he's a bloodthirsty cyborg with a taste for human flesh,
say hello to our drummer your favorite noder,

I live in scenic Dorchester-by-the-Sea, a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, where I've lived since I left my parents house except for a couple of years in Providence, Rhode Island. I work in Cambridge, Massachusetts for reasons doubtless beyond the grasp of your puny mortal mind, building mechanical hounds for the baby killers. Marginally graduated from Boston Latin School, marginally dropped out of University of Massachusetts, Boston after completing the interesting parts of a math BS (with a hefty side order of physics, chemistry, and CS), then marginally dropped out of UMB CS grad school after most of a CS MS because I suck. But you knew that.

I love the gray shapes of cities from the air.

From a plane, above the clouds, a sunset is a razor-thin line of fire bounded by a dark sea of clouds and the

Sometimes the strange colors of city sunsets suck the life out of me.

I was once a sullen and timid noder, creating marginal nodes about whatever occurred to me rather than take some time and expose my best to criticism. No more! Bit by bit, as I accidentally let good work slip out, people upvoted and chinged it, making me realize that I can put good work here, and people will appreciate it. Better yet, they'll tell me when it sucks, so I can take their compliments seriously. Which is pretty cool, not least because it had been a long time since I wrote anything and I was feeling frustrated and miserable about that.

So I took a serious critical look at my writeups and had the ones that struck me as self-indulgent rants or too-shallow factuals nuked, which puts me a little farther away from levelling up, but a lot less embarrassed to look at my writeup list. And now I don't have to have any self-justification on my homenode, which is nice.

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