There are four wolves who run with the Wild Hunt -

The first is Olga, whose aim is sharper than the ice in Russian Winter, whose eye was torn out by Germans and still slit their throats. Her muzzle is spotted red with the blood of the blue-eyed Comrade whose throat she tore out for choking her and she runs at the heels of Kasha.

Second runs side by side with Olga, and her name was Tanya. She is brindled with the snow, and she killed her husband with a hatchet for raping her until she came with child and marrying her. She caught him with her daughter still weeping and he never had the chance to touch her again.

Third is angrier yet, and her teeth are long and sharp as she slouches low-bellied and last, but she has very keen, very beautiful blue eyes. Hers told pretty Elana he was a feminist, and beat her anyway.

Kasha was too good for her husband the entire village had said.

His breath still smells like almonds three years into the grave.