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It's easy to get lost in Wales. As soon as you get any distance past the border most of the towns and villages begin to have unpronounceable names. The locals all talk a funny language which you don't have any chance of understanding. Just hope you don't break down.

Drive on through the night, check your position on the map. What was that town you just passed ? At least it had a pronounceable name, Gorsaf. That's funny, it's not on the map.

Ten miles further on, under the railway line, and you pass Gorsaf station. pity the people of Gorsaf for having to travel so far to have to get a train.

Keep on going another ten miles, twenty. What does that sign say ? Surely not Gorsaf Station again ?

What is going on?

Bilingual road signs, that's what. This really happened to me and it was only much later, when I found out the meaning of the word gorsaf that I slapped myself for being so thick.