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Rocket air is an advanced skateboarding and wakeboarding trick. The Rocket air can only be performed off a high fall, a high speed vert or a high crest.

When wakeboarding this trick is basically a tailbone with a two-handed forward grab on the tip.

When skateboarding the Rocket air is also a two-handed grab but with different foot positions that change the difficulty of the grab: The first is performed like a Nosegrab except with both hands, the nose is then lifted and the front foot is slid to the middle of the board. The second variation has both feet on the tail of the board, arms extended to grab the nose and body facing forward. The second variation is more difficult because the front foot is moved completely out of position and the body is facing the wrong direction for coming back down the vert. A rotation of 180 degree is necessary so that the skater can use their hands to stop the board slipping away; landing fakie after a Rocket air would be extremely difficult.