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15. Hide and Seak

You now must escape the town while trying to avoid the moreans. Dim will be your most important friend. Head east as much as you can. There’s an old truck route up the mountain, head for it.

Avoid going into buildings if you can. They are now populated by shadow demons. Killing them will call the moreans to your location.

Helide, the spellcaster morean, has set up slow spells everywhere (interestingly, Imi can’t copy these). Running into one is as good as getting caught, so avoid any patch of ground that sparkles.

Hide under overhang to overhang, and take advantage of any trees. Avoid casting spells if possible, except for Dim.

If all moreans do come to ground, using Dim and staying still is your best bet.

Once to the truck route, a cutscene will happen.

Helide will land in front of you in what amounts to a semi truck graveyard.


You’ve been hard to catch. There’s no more running now.


Oh yeah?


Oh yeah. Just go to sleep for awhile!

He throws a spell at Imi, but she reflects it with Shadow Play.

The stunned morean slams into one of the dead trucks along the route. This is one of those inflammable chemical trucks. The whole thing explodes.

Imi runs off before the other moreans can arrive.


Lithic Walkthrough Part 7<------------> Lithic Walkthrough Part 9