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13. Dark Forest

The seal respawns you in a dark forest. The foliage is dense enough to keep light from coming through. This is a dangerous level. The spirits you will encounter are significantly stronger than the ones earlier in the game.

Follow the sound of the river until you find it. Somewhere behind you, you can hear the moreans land. Keep moving forward.

Follow the river to the log cabin. Ransack it for shards making sure to dispatch the zombie with the shotgun. From the cabin follow the dirt road.

Watch out for the Centaur and Minotaur two powerful spirit enemies. They guard a narrow bridge and are a formidable team. The centaur acts as support, healing and lobbing spells at you (the Flash spell is added). The minotaur is a brawny spirit that has a nasty charge and is deadly at short range. Kill the centaur first, then the minotaur.

Flash can disorient enemies (undead are unaffected) for 3 seconds and it damages spirits. At higher levels it can outright kill weak spirits. It will turn spirits it kills into shards.

Continue on down the road to the abandoned factory. You’ll have to pass through it to proceed. The place is very run down and infested with Puca, shapeshifting spirits. The start out as looking like zombies, but once their health is depleted turn into giant beasts; Bears, bulls, or snakes.

The puca are weak to the Hammer spell but regain health if hit by Moonlight or Spark.

Clear out the factory, gather any shards, and continue on. Exit the factory, and keep following the road. When you get to the ruined car, take a left. There is a single minotaur here, kill him, and enter the town of Perkins.

13. Perkins

Night is falling and Perkins is another undead controlled town.

The first enemies you’ll encounter here is a hoard of zombies. They occupy most of Perkin’s main street and attack en mass. Upgraded forms of Spark and Moonlight are the most effective attacks against them, but Telekinesis is useful to keep from being mobbed.

The basic goal here is to get through the town, a task made difficult from the various forms of undead you can encounter here. Before the sun sets you’ll encounter mostly zombies and a few Walking Skeletons. The Skeletons have less health than the zombies, but since they can be carrying guns and a variety of melee weapons they can be far more dangerous.

Once the sun sets you’ll face Vampires and Drawdians. The Vampires have a draining effect on your health just by being near them. They will try to get behind you before attacking so be careful. Moonlight is the best weapon against these foes.

The Drawdians are undead who have been modified to have metal teeth and claws. They are fast and come in two varieties. The Licentiates rush you and have a nasty series of melee attacks. The Seigniories are sorceresses and posses a nasty form of the Moonlight spell. Both are weak to Moonlight.

A helpful weapon here is the Aspect of Fire that can be found in the town’s clocktower. The Aspect is an awesome weapon capable of decimating large numbers of foes, but you must be careful using it. Once you activate it, it won’t shut down on its own and after a few seconds of use it will start draining your health. Thefire it produces gets more and more intense the longer it is in use and if you do stop using it, it will explode. However, the benefit you get from this weapon will more than make up for these downsides.

You don’t need to stay in Perkins long. Follow the town’s main road, killing all the undead in your way. If you do stop to explore the town, expect stiff resistance. There are a number of interesting items spread about the town and lots of lore to read.

14. Light and Shadow

Exit Perkins. You can travel up the highway, but be sure to keep in cover, because the moreans are on your trail. The trees on the side of the road offer useful protection, but the various burned out building along the highway are more useful. There aren’t a lot of zombies, and the few spirits are very weak.

The moreans will fallback closer to the next town. What would normally be another small town is surrounded by a bubble of light. The buildings on the inside are unnaturally tall and glow with inner light.

Approach along the road. There is a group of huddled shadows at the WELCOME TO WOODLAND PARK outside the town. You can talk to them, but only the Shadow Leader will talk to you.



(ask about the shadows)

We were once people, but when we died we became trapped in those shambling zombies, unable to anything but attack our friends. We alone freed ourselves, but we cannot go home. The light in the valley below prevents us from continuing.

(ask about the town)

There is a powerful sorcerer there. If you could ask them to shut off the light we could pass. You have a bit of magic about yourself. Please, I beg you. I can offer nothing, yet you look like a kind soul. Help us return home. Ask the sorcerer to turn off their spell.

(ask about the zombies)

I fear their souls are trapped as we once were. The Cold Goddess allows just enough awareness so you can feel every pain as your body slowly rots and every trauma as you kill your friends.

(ask about the Weapon in Colorado Springs)

I’ve heard a whisper. There once were two immortals deeply in love. As a symbol of their love they created a jewel filled with powerful magic. Then the Great War came and lovers fell to opposite sides. He could not go with Her for she sided with the Immortal Hierarchy, an organization with the desire to destroy all other intelligent life. He could not condone such an action, so he confronted her, but she would not budge. She could not be persuaded. So, he threw the jewel out of time. It came to rest here, and the humans found it.


How could a symbol of love be a weapon?


How could it not? Listen, Roses are the perfect symbol for love. The sweet smell; but if you grab and squeeze, the blood’ll run down your wrist, a spiral bracelet along your arm, and the leaves are too small to stop the bleeding from all those triangle teeth.

(ask about the war)

It goes on and many more ghosts are made.

(ask about himself)

Once I was a man. I remember nothing else except home and I must get back. Can you help us?


I’ll help you. I’m sure this sorcerer can be reasoned with.

Head into the town. The bubble of light can be walked through. Inside you’ll find many crystal beings. These are willowy, non-aggressive humanoids who aren’t interested in you at all. They can be killed, but do not retaliate or attack.

The buildings are made of the same crystalline substance as the beings. In the middle of the town is a tower that is radiating the light bubble. This is your destination.

Shards litter the area, allowing you to stockpile them. There are 500 in all to find, which will be useful later. Additionally, there are several stone idols and glyphs to find.

Once at the tower, head inside and up. The area is a single spiral staircase up into a massive drawing room with high stained glass windows. A few hundred aspects spin around each other in the center of the huge room (these are the source of the light) There is a figure seated at a mirror, combing her hair.


Are you the--

The woman turns around. She is a blonde woman with nervous eyes.


-- you’re an immortal!


Aunyeh, and I wasn’t expecting a guest. You are…?


Imi. Is this your town? Are you the one who created the light?


Do you like it? I bound all those aspects together.


And the crystal figures in the town?


Yes! They’re mine. Aren’t they amazing. I wanted to make something beautiful. They’re not really alive, I couldn’t figure that out, but they are very pretty. I mean, the Aspects can be used for much more than weapons.


Listen, there’s some ghosts outside of town who can’t get past while the light is going. Could you turn it off for a few minutes?


What? That’d break the spell. Everything would collapse.


Could you rebuild? They seem really desperate.


It took years. Ghosts? There’s no such thing. Either you’re being tricked or somebody sent you. Did they send you? They always think I can’t do anything. They always want to see me fail. Well I did it! I did something and you can tell them that I’m just as good an immortal as the rest of them!


I don’t think they were faking. How long are you planning to keep this town?


Forever. I’ll show you. I’ll keep it going until the Heat Death of the Universe.


I understand this place means a lot to you, but their leader said they wanted to get home.


No. I’m going to remove you now.


Wait! I think there’s been a misunderstanding…



Like Imi, Aunyeh is immortal. She can’t be killed and the first thing she does is throw a golden seal into the corner. If you get her down to 0 health, she will respawn after her old body evaporates.

The first thing you need to do is set your own golden seal. Aunyeh is much more powerful than you, but unfocused. Most of her attacks can be dodged. Imi will gain Flash if she doesn’t already have it and Light Arrow.

Light Arrow is a weak attack spell, but a very quick one. It levels up slowly and only gets really powerfull around level 7 where it can break shields in one hit and drain enemies of magic.

Aunyeh will spam Light Arrow when you are far away and telekinesis at medium range. At close range, she has a devastating version of Spark which can kill you outright.

The key to win this fight is to target the spinning Aspects in the center of the room. They are weak to Hammer and Moonlight. Moonlight will refract around them and do triple damage.

Aunyeh will try to stop you once she figures out what you are trying to do.


What are you doing? NO! STOP IT! PLEASE!

Once destroyed, the fight goes out of her and she falls to her knees. The light bubble with stop illuminating the room and it will start to dim.

AUNYEH (crying)

Why would you do this?



The high windows will bust in as the moreans poke their heads inside. They will linger at this height and watch. Shadows pour into the room and a figure emerges from the center of the darkness.


She did it because like all good people, she is easily led to evil.


Oh no, no, no, no.


It’s been awhile Aunyeh, and once I deal with you, my friends (he gestures to the moreans), will take back the girl.




What’s going on?


We have to fight him.


Who is he?


He’s the enemy.


Don’t believe her. You will be a useful tool to my ends, young Imitator, yet consider the woman next to you tried to kill every single morean she could find, and helped a galaxy-wide genocide against them. The immorality of it. She has more blood on her hands than any human dictator.




“Look, how the sun begins to set;
How ugly night comes breathing at his heels:
Even with the vail and darking of the sun
Neither of you shall win.

He tosses a golden seal into the corner.

There are two options for this fight. The first is to run (skip to the next section in that case), the second is to try and fight.

The Shadow Leader is a formidable boss. Aunyeh helps a little, but she is outclassed.

He has several different attacks:

He can call shadowy spikes out of the ground, these deploy in a series of patterns, more concentrated near him than far away. When he raises his fists be prepared to get to the edge of the room.

He can spawn shadow demons. These creatures are vulnerable to Light Arrows and die in one hit, but they can halve your health with a single attack and send you flying.

He can strike out with shadowy arrows of his own. These are a dark version of the Light Arrows.

He has shadow tentacles which are probable the most dangerous attack he possesses. They are close range weapons and he is capable of closing distance surprisingly quick.

The final attack he has is telekinesis which he can use to grab and slam both you and Aunyeh.

Imi will gain Shadow Play in her spell suite after seeing his attacks. It is an interesting spell that can be used to protect yourself at extremely close range and if timed right can reflect enemy spells.

The first tip is to stay away from him. Keep hitting him with Moonlight and Spark and Hammer. He will sometimes reflect these attacks back at you so be ready to dodge.

The most difficult thing about the Shadow Leader is that he is unpredictable in how many attacks he has and how rarely he uses the more devastating ones. He uses telekinesis and reflection rarely, so they can come as a shock.

He like Aunyeh can’t be killed. You can’t either, but if he ever gets you down to less than 5% health, the moreans will swoop down to grab you resulting in GAMEOVER.

Hold out as long as you can. Once he kills Aunyeh two times, he will kill her a final time as she respawns, grabbing her and physically shoving her into her own golden seal.


You’re not coming back.

She screams as the seal breaks. Her body shatters into thousands of pieces that slowly evaporate.

The Shadow Leader turns to you. A huge mass of shadows spreads out from him. There are tentacles and claws and writhings maws. The mass sticks to the walls distorting the room with hideous faces.

SHADOW LEADER (glowing red eyes of doom)


Imi screams.

Run away. If the moreans can grab you, it is GAMEOVER. Escape down the stairs. The moreans will be in close pursuit. Dim yourself and get out. Do not throw yourself out of any of the windows. While a quick way to the ground, it is also a quick death, which will respawn you back in the room with the Shadow Leader.

Once outside, sprint as fast as you can into the now dead town. Hide as soon as possible to escape the furious moreans.

Lithic Walkthrough Part 6<------------> Lithic Walkthrough Part 8