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11. Training

After a short cutscene, follow Rachekc to a small clearing. She’ll tell you she needs to set up an arena. While she does this, you can explore the area. It is bisected by a deep river, and the other half is marshy. There are a few Children of the Earth to defeat and plenty of shards to collect. Rachekc gets busy raising stone platforms and other obstacles. Once done, she’ll call you over.

Talk to Rachekc. She’ll give you a few options on what to train on. You can pick them in any order, but you must do them all eventually. Assuming you got all the spells up to this point the options should be:


Each choice will give you a series of challenges to beat after which you will have your skill in that area level up. The challenges appear to be set up on an Easy, Medium, Hard scale depending on your level in each area. For example, if you haven’t leveled up your shield in favor of other spells, the shield challenge won’t be very difficult, while if you put all your glyphs into it, it will be very hard. Given this variability, it is difficult to outline the best strategy for every level. The following will be advice for beating the hardest setting.


Rachekc has set up some automated firing spells over by the river. She instructs you that you need to touch each one to disable them, but you cannot use any ranged weapons. Instead, you need to rely on your shield to get through.

The key to beating this challenge is to use the fallen rocks and other obstacles to approach the spells in just such a way that only one can fire on your shield at a time. If your shield breaks, perform a reset to get it back up to its max faster.


Rachekc challenges you to sneak past her and grab a shard without her noticing.

Stick to the tall grass and make sure you have enough time to make it to each clump before Dim wears out. This is made harder by Rachekc’s pacing, but with careful timing this isn’t a hard challenge.


Rachekc tells you to fight several spell constructs.

The RACHEKC AUTOMATIONS are similar to the clockwork enemies. They are a bit faster and can heal each other if you let them. The best strategy is to dodge their initial beam attacks and hit them with Spark as many times as you can during their cool down.

Keep your distance, and refrain from hitting them with other types of spells (this will super charge them).


Like the Spark Challenge, Rachekc creates several spell constructs for you to fight. This time however, you will not be fighting them directly, instead you will be using the Moonlight spell to power a spell construct of your own to fight them.

Each blast of Moonlight will give your construct thirty seconds of fighting time. You’ll have to keep a close eye on it and fire at exactly the right moment. The challenge relies on how well you time Moonlight’s cool down with how fast and accurately you can hit your construct. Of all the challenges this is the hardest, and it may takes several tries.


Rachekc points to a shard on the other end of the field. She then creates a slow moving Rock Golem and dares you to stop it with the Hammer spell before it can reach the shard.

Since Hammer is one of the more recently collected spells, it will take a lot of hits to bring the Golem down with it. Other spells will power it up, so resist the temptation to cheat. It takes about twenty-seven direct hits to disable the Golem. Indirect hits will damage it and slow it down, but direct hits are much more effective.


Rachekc suspends a shard in the air and challenges you to reach it using telekinesis.

The fastest way to beat this task is to stack rocks and other debris until they are high enough to reach the shard. You can also use telekinesis to throw objects to knock the shard down, or climb a cliff and use telekinesis on your self to launch yourself far enough to get it. This will kill you, but respawning will still award you the shard if you managed to touch it.

After completing the tasks, talk to Rachekc one last time.


Now that you’re up to speed, I have one last test for you. Land a hit on me, and I’ll consider your skills… adequate.

As a boss, Rachekc can use any of the spells you’ve trained with. If you’ve not picked up a spell, this is a good chance to learn it. Stay at medium range from her. Long range opens you up to being grabbed by telekinesis, and short range allows her to use a devastating Spark + fist attack. At medium range, Hammer and Moonlight are a problem, but if you are fast enough, dodging is perfectly workable.

You only need to hit her once to win, but this is a bit hard because of her shield. The best way to defeat her is a double hit of Hammer quickly followed by Moonlight while she is stunned. Once Moonlight takes down her shield, hit her with Spark.

Once defeated, she will level up all your spells.

12. Toward NORAD


Next time those pests decide to pick a fight, you’ll be ready for them!

She turns to leave.


Where are you going?


Colorado Springs. I have some business with NORAD.


I don’t know what that is.


It’s where they’re directing the war. They have a super weapon there that humans can’t really… control. They’ll hurt themselves if they ever get it working.


Take me with you!




I have nowhere else to go. Please, those things still hunt me. You say I should be able to take them on, but there are still three of them out there.


You’re not going somewhere? You’re just running?


I don’t know if I’m supposed to go anywhere.


Very well. All right. Listen, I can’t teleport in, the weapon will stop me, so we’ll have to walk.


Is it far?


Far enough to be dangerous. We’re going to cross Texas and Colorado lines.


I’m ready!

Follow Rachekc up the mountain path. She’ll blast the Children of the Earth that try and stop you. There are plenty of hidden shards around the path so be sure to explore.

(Incidentally, you can see the spotter morean, Helide, flying in the distance. They are still tracking you.)

When you reach the waterfall, use telekinesis on it to reveal a hidden passage. Rachekc suggests you explore it. The werestone is located here. It slowly drains spirit type enemies’ health if they come into a certain radius.


Ah. These werestones can have a powerful effect against spirits. Keep it close.

After the waterfall, Rachekc will start some small talk that nonetheless contains some interesting information.


I don’t know why the Texans invaded Colorado, at least not why they initially did it, but now the Texans are rushing to grab this weapon before the Coloradans can hook it up. It’s some sort of crystal, an ancient thing, like those small Aspects you can find laying about, but much more powerful. The Coloradans think that if they hook it up to some sort of machine they can win the war. Texas thinks if they get the artifact, Colorado will surrender. Who knows? They might be both right. Texas is planning to launch a full assault against Cheyenne Mountain, while that is happening I’m planning to sneak in and take the artifact. It’s far too dangerous to let humans keep.


What will you do with it?


I doubt it can be destroyed, but it must be hidden. Can you imagine what would happen if one of the moreans found it?

Enter the ravine and then take the path up to the ridge. You can see all of Colorado laid out here. The view is majestic.


I think if we go down that way we can-- Look out!

One of the moreans dive bombs you, knocking you off the cliff. Rachekc fires a shot wounding the creature as it tries to carry you away. You both fall.

Imi throws a golden seal somewhere into the forest below, before crashing down and dying upon hitting the tree line.

Lithic Walkthrough Part 5<------------> Lithic Walkthrough Part 7