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Eagle Sage®, is the third book of the Lon Tobyn Chronicle by David B. Coe, published by TOR® Fantasy.

In accordance with an ancient prophecy, two Eagles have bound with mages. Legend says that Eagles shall bind only when the land is in dire need, such as in the threat of a major war. Now Jaryd is once again faced with the possible destruction of his home land, and once again he is thrust into action. Somehow he must find a way to avoid certain destruction of all that he holds dear.

Jaryd, along with Melyor, (the powerful Gildrite from Lon-Ser), is faced with his greatest challenge yet. He must find a way to stop the destruction of both lands. And he must find a way to bring peace to those of the Mage-Craft.

The Order has been divided. The League, formed after the defection of Sartol, has recruited young Cailin. She had watched as the Outlanders, disguised as mages, destroyed her village and killed her parents. She was let live to tell the tale. But the vision of mages burning her home has remained in her all her life. She abhors the Order and all it stands for. Now she is First Mage of the League, and determined to destroy the Order. She is also the second Eagle-Sage.

In the meantime, an Unsettled has discovered the secret to leaving his bind point. Sartol has found what must be done to once again wander the hills of Tobyn-Ser; and to once again feel the power of the Mage-Craft course through him. Sartol has sworn vengeance on all mages, those of the Order and of the League. And he's determined to destroy all the Mage-Craft stands for.

Orris learns that someone in Lon-Ser is trading weapons for gold with the Temple of Arick in Tobyn-Ser. The Temple guards are killing anyone who stands in their way of progress. Whole forests are being leveled, and people are dying. How do the two Eagle-Sages fit with this? And what is Melyor's part in it all? Orris must find the answers, or suffer a heart and soul destroyed by the trust he has placed in her.

Jaryd and Cailin must some how find a common ground to work from. They must fulfill the prophecy set before them, and together save Lon-Ser and Tobyn-Ser from destruction. Together the two must seek out the Unsettled and learn what can be done to stop Sartol, without destroying both the Order and the League while they are at it.

The conclusion of the Lon Tobyn Chronicle fulfills the vision the author sets in the first two books. Once again the reader is drawn into the struggle between magic and technology, in a gripping fashion. Once again, the reader is taken on a literary ride through good and evil, where one must prevail. Though a subjective statement, I HIGHLY recommend this trilogy to all who enjoy the fantasy genre.