Really? I mean, do you mean it, for real? Do you actually and sincerely love me enough that you don't think you should date me if I would feel bad about it in anyway? Are you really absolutely willing to sacrifice your own desires and aspirations in order to make me happy?

Well, I don't. I sure as hell don't just want you to be happy. I don't want to be self-sacrificing, or noble, or a goddamned martyr. I want me to be happy. I want to be in love, sure, and maybe love is being happy at someone else's happiness, but in the end it's about me. Who else could it be about?

I'm no asshole. I won't use you for sex, or lie to you, and I will love you sincerely and deeply. But it's fucking selfish. I love because I like love. It makes me happy to love. And if it didn't, then dammit, I won't love. And I won't be happy as long as you are. I will be happy if I am happy, no other way. If I am not happy, then I will feel cheated. Does this make me a bad person? Does love now equal self-denial? I should hope not.

And don't think either that I will neglect you for my own happiness. Because seeing you happy does, to one extent or another, make me happy. But don't give me this co-dependent bullshit. And don't ever tell me you just want me to be happy.