i sometimes tend to fall in love with the idea of being in love.. i tend to fall head over heels and regressing to junior high.. butterflies in my tummy.. all the signs of infatuation.. when i do fall in love.. i fall even harder.. i only date guys who could be "the one".. some say my standards are too high.. but if they were any lower.. i wouldnt be as passionate..

I had an ex who was really into this idea, but didn't know it. When we broke up and he cried that he was so in love with me, I told him that he was more in love with the idea of love or with being in love than with me. It wasn't an insult, it wasn't meant to belittle his feelings, but it was, at least to some degree, quite true.

I think all of us are kind of guilty of this. I think that's part of the reason both that my ex found it so hard to let go of our relationship and, conversely, why I didn't find it that hard. He idealized love to the point that he thought he wanted to marry me, and I idealized love to the point where I didn't think that the kind of love that we had was enough.

Who knows if either of us was right?

A state of being wherein Party A (usually a female with problems relating to males as people) is utterly enamoured of the idea of being in love, and of the assumption that others pine for what she has. Someone who is "in love with being in love" either soulfully believes in "destiny" or views love as something she can flaunt to the world and, more specifically, to her friends.

This type of person tends to put more weight on gifts, flowers, cutesey nicknames, mushy pop songs, and Public Displays Of Affection than he/she does on what his/her significant other really wants out of life. Often spotted online, these relationships are as shallow as spit and invariably break up when the lovebirds have been together long enough to get a good hard look at each other's real self.

See also in love with being loved.

In love with being loved (move/copied here by request):

A pattern of thinking which often leads to abuse. Someone who is "in love with being loved" believes that he/she (usually she) is worthless unless he/she has someone who loves them -- or at least is willing to say so. Once this person finds someone who loves them (real or no), she will cling to him as if her life depends upon being his other half. Friends are often treated to burbling diatribes on how deliriously happy the couple is...alternating with torrents of tempestuous tears every time she thinks they may be "breaking up" or that she's "not good enough for him."

Women like this pretty much always wind up dating abusive jerks or sending guys screaming into the night thanks to their clinginess and mood swings. Men like this are either obsessively jealous or constantly disappointed by girls willing to abuse their golden retriever nature.

See also in love with being in love.

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