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More weird comments from the customers of a gas station.

Today at the end of my shift, I looked in the comment box again and there were quite a few comments. Some pretty strange ones too. Here they are:

  • If I ever got the chance, I would definitely take a whiz in your beer cooler.
  • My girlfriend gave me a blow job in your rest room.
  • My father was drunk and vomited in your back room. ~ (That explains what that nasty shit my manager was bitching about the other day!)
  • I got a rash from jerking off with that shitty lotion that you guys sell.
Death on the highway...

Today at work I also witnessed something I care not to ever see again. I saw a woman die today. She was pulling out of the gas station parking lot in her car and got hit in the driver's side by a very large truck. It was a Ford F-250 that slammed into her at fifty-five miles per hour. I watched as she crawled out of her smashed little Ford Escort and collapsed on the street. She was in real bad shape, her entire left was mangled beyond all recognition. I knew she was losing a lot of blood and that her neck was broke. There was panic everywhere, people were freaking out. I called 911, but it was too late. By the time the paramedics arrived she was dead. It was really crazy. Police had to shut down the street for over an hour and half while tow trucks pulled the two demolished vehicles out of the street.