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Time: Thu, 25 May 2000 01:03:59 GMT
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Woo-hoo! I will no longer have obnoxious empty nodes and New Writeups cluttering my writeup list. I just needed a browser update. My apologies for the past mess, and I'm glad it's fixed. Writing stuff was a real hassle while that was going on. Good start to the day, I guess. Now I'll be going to sleep.

P. S. I now have an e2 groupie and a person who wants to see me nude. Aww! Maybe there's a Wintersweet Fan Club like Starrynight claims there is, after all. ;p

I put I Have This Delusion in the journal project. I should write up some more of Yosano Akiko's sexy/romantic love poems, instead of just her bitter ones.

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Everything Time Warp on May 23, 2000

Today May 25, 2000, E2 is back to TZ UTC (or +0000). So, I'll try to get EBU Snapshot done nearer 00:00 UTC. Oh, for an always online connection and PC.

Random Nodes

The E2 Games continue ...

Noded 10 odd chapters of a translation of the Quran last night.

Nodes to node

  • E2 Done --> Todo --> Industrial strength search box
  • Malaysia Done --> Todo --> Computimes, Time? Mimos?
  • Others Done --> Todo -->

Another day, another exam, I'm getting sick and tired of this stuff now.
Todays task was about the power of various organisations, and I believed I'd screwed up really bad, until my teacher showed me his idea of a disposition, and it kinda matched mine quite exactly.
One more written exam to go, english tomorrow, and I'll be quite finished, exept for a possible oral exam, and my time in school is over. No more skool-daze for me!
Though after that, I'm of to join the airforce, that might turn out to be fun...
15:15 EET

Well, I just saw the most amazingly stupid use of the e-buzzword (buzzletter?) yet.
You know what I'm talking about. eBusiness, eCommerce, eBay, etc.
In the ads of a major bank that are scattered all over Finland, they use the word "E-nemmän". Enemmän means more in the Finnish language. "Nemmän" isn't a word at all. So E-nemmän does not mean anything, at least in my native tongue.
With "M-ore", you'd still have the ore which stands for something. Not to mention the use of E-nemmän looks exactly what it is - a lame attempt to cash in on trendy but mostly useless services.
I'd like to show the dumbass advertisers where to stick their fashionable e:s.

That was my rant for today.

The workday has been going far better than yesterday. My boss didn't trash all my ideas, and I got a new chair to replace the old back-wrecker (tm). To top that my sunburn is practically healed, and it's almost the weekend already! Yay!

The NGE DVD I was hyping yesterday was very nice indeed. The picture quality was a bit fuzzy and there was no extra stuff to speak of, but I still got mesmerized by the series itself. (Which I already had seen entirely, but in a bad quality format.)
I'd still like to whine a bit about the fact that the disk was delayed whopping 6 months just so the French and Spanish dub tracks could be synced to the animation. ARGH! What kind of sick individual would watch anime in a dubbed state voluntarily anyway?
I really hope it doesn't take a year for the second part to arrive on DVD. I'm in danger of dying for old age before the entire show is out - and I'm only 21!

Well.. I thought I didn't have any rants left. Sorry!

Track of the day:  Gaetano Parisio - Advanced Techno Research B1
Very very funky.


when i got to work there was no power except the emergency lights. i had planned to go shopping for a dress during lunch, but since i couldn't work anyway i just headed to the stores. i wear size 12 pants. so i try on a par of size 12 dresses, all of which are tight across the hips. i try on a size 14, same thing, just slightly looser. i almost cried thinking i would have to buy a size 16. the size 16 dress hung on me like a 10-man tent. i left that store and went to another. all the "womens" clothes sucked. they looked matronly and grandmother-esque. i perused the juniors section and found a cute little size 11 purple mini-dress. it fits perfectly. i got a sweater to go over it, and some cute shoes. i brought the new clothes back to work and changed into them in my office. everyone it staring at me. a lot of people are commenting about me wearing a dress or about the tattoo on my calf they never knew i had.

i was hoping to accomplish a lot today, but last night while checking out code from Visual Source Safe, the power blinked and it didn't get the entire source tree. unfortunately, getting the entire source tree through VSS takes about 3 hours (not because it's a lot of code, but because VSS sucks that badly) and i had to restart it again today once the power came back on at work. GUH!


more to come when it's later

it's later...

while one my way out of work, the receptionist called my name and said there was a package for me. when i got to the front desk i saw a vase of roses with balloons attached. of course they were for me! i love my man. he says for me because it's thursday. :) take notes, guys.

the bridal shower was a gaggle of chickenheads, cluck, cluck, cluck. i hate to admit to having had fun there. even the silly games. one thing to note is this: ALL OF THE BRIDES FRIENDS ARE HOTTIES!

I am ill today. My head is throbbing, body is aching, and I woke up at 7AM and stared at the ceiling for 3 hours trying to think about something other than vomiting. I shouldn't have gone to work at all but there are things which must be resolved before Tuesday and I'm off tomorrow and Monday. Fortunately I am finished and I can go home now!

Today is my birthday, and I had planned to do some obligitory rumination, and node about the secrets of life that my quater century had yielded me... but I got hung up at work, (ain't that always the way) and now I must drink heavily. So maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday (may 25, 2000) was my birthday, and I said that I had wanted to write up some of the obligatory ruminations that go along with milestones, but didn't get to it. So...

First I want to say what a jip.
I went out last night, and had a really good time. (I am still burping cuervo to prove it). However, last night and my birthday have come and gone and I don't feel any different. I don't mean that in an eight year old, "I'm not any taller" sort of way, and i guess my car insurance is cheaper. Rather, somewhere in my head I figured that when I am 25, I would be established, or I would be this or that. But really my alarm clock sounded that exact same way this mourning. My point is that we (if you don't do this, feel free to not include yourself) take these arbitrary dates and attach ambigous goals. Now I knew this was comming, I turned 18 and I didn't feel any different, and I turned 21 and I didn't feel any different. I am still scared, and I am still sorry, and I am still stuck. What I am confessing is that some part of me hoped/dreamed that I would feel different. I know that is childish, and in the end the jip part is that this birthday made me hope I would get it and at the same time showed me how much I don't get it by hoping.
The bitter sweet consolation is that this is the last "good" birthday, 'cause 26 is nothing special, and by 30 I am on my way down hill. Maybe if I don't feel any different five years from today I'll be psyched, (is that infinite resignation?) .

I have more to say, but I'm scared of what you will think of me.

fuck it you don't know me.

At some point in my recent past my fondest dreams changed. As a younger man (read boy) I wished in my secret wishes to know the TRUTH. not in an X-files sort of way, but in a big picture existential sort of way. In my 25 introspection binge, I realized that I just want to be happy, and if that involves fat and dumb so be it. Now its not like this change evolved. I definitely didn't gradually stop caring about the mysteries of why, and to date they have never satisfactorily been explained to me. I just woke up one day and I had changed with out noticing it, and it wasn't on my birthday... (still a little bitter about that)... and wasn't because of any thing... it just was.

Its like this girl in second grade, Susan Bergson, I had a great big crush on, and here is the cool part: she had a crush back. It was simpatico all mixed with innocence, and it remains one of the great relationships of my life. However, she went away for the summer to camp and I missed her... until one day in July, when I didn't. We went back to school in September and were in the same class, but it wasn't the same.

Can you fall out of issues, like falling out of love?

In summation, I am 25, I am still strugling with maturity and shape of my universe.

If you have read all the way through this thank you very much, it felt good to write it.

Happy Birthday to me

I arrived at work to find my inbox flooded with e-greetings. They're an obnoxious 'net scourge, but it's the thought that counts eh?

So far my birthday has been ducky. I'm still at work and fully expect mom will show up with a bushel of cupcakes or something ridiculously childish. Though I'll be embarrassed as all get out, I will love every moment of it. Or maybe she won't in which case I can heave a sigh of relief.

After work a bunch of us are gathering at a pool hall downtown. I expect many free drinks. Next I'll be off to a birthday dinner hosted by a couple of outrageous drag queens at a Mexican restaurant. Can you say "head-sized margaritas?" I won't be able to by 8pm tonight...

I don't know what'll happen after that... this is probably fine seeing as I won't be able to remember much of it in the morning (but I think it will involve 80's night at some trashy disco).

Hurray for birthdays!

Oh. I'm 27 in case you're curious.

Happy Birthday to Westly too!

Do not give hope to the drowning if you do not intend to save them. I want to be like Maude: good, go love some more. But i'm not dying, i don't have an easy out.

Just because i say, maybe someday, when you have self-respect, and can talk to me - this doesn't mean i think you can change overnight. I think you can't. You've tried before.

So don't tell me you've been happy all day, for the first time you can remember, and don't ask if you can stay if you manage to be happy all week. I'm glad you're finally happy. But yesterday you said you would sleep on the train tracks if you had to live without me, and this is not cool. I'm not interested in bargaining. Stop trying to change my mind. I wish it was like the movies, where you can shout That's it!, throw a bag over your shoulder, and slam the door. But there's nowhere to go. So i have to be patient until you have to leave, and try not to think of where you will end up. And it's when you tearfully say, "It's like you don't care anymore" that i have to admit, despite the wall i've been building, that i do.

I haven't been alone for a long time. On the trip i was always with the group. Since i've been home, i've been working, or you have been standing on my shadow, trying to change my mind. I need to stretch.

I want to go visit Scott, but when i get to the door, it's shut. I can see people are inside, but i am overcome with shyness and can't knock. I walk away.

I really really really like to sing, and it turns out I'm good at it. I mean, my voice isn't that great, but I can remember and keep a tune pretty fast. I love choir practices. I want more of them; I always come home so so happy. We're singing on sunday. Al HaNissim, v'al ha purkan, v'al ha g'vu rot.. tralala..

I think all those firedrills in school train us to ignore real fire bells. The alarm went off in our building ten minutes ago and I was the only one who even got up. It just went off again and I didn't even pause in typing. Turns out both times it's been an error because the plumbing guys in the restaurant next door hit something wonky, but what if I'm courting a fiery death with my complacence? Oh, the mind wobbles.

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