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The sun rises in the East
like every other day,
while friends and loved ones
sleep far away.

You stir and grumble,
stretch and yawn.
Twenty two years today
since you were born

You miss her fiercely,
but do not smart:
she's always with you,
locked in your heart.

And though you cannot
scent a beer,
we'll have one for you
and toast your year.

While you're in the desert,
embrace your fate:
Drink more coffee,

Ches xxxx

WonkoDSane says "HAPPY BERFDAY MISTAH BEEZ" from me and Julia wants to say "CARSON MONKEY IT'S FOR BIRTHDAY! W00!"

Quizro says "Happy birthday, Byz! May you receive rubber bands aplenty."

Byzantine, you've taught me everything I know about the Gallic Wars and I'm forever in your debt...I think. Happy Birthday, kemosabe, Halspal.

bindlenix says Happy Birthday! Step back and enjoy...

Best wishes for a happy and memorable birthday Byz! jarbabyj

Carson: Happy 51st Birthday! The hookers are in the mail. xoxoxo -- chigrub

etouffee says Byz..have a great day. Make it 90% lyrical and 10% logical...

Chiisuta says On your birthday, remember: the over is for the muffins! (don't mind me, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!)

mblase says tell him mblase says to Have a happy one, and don't do anything a free-wheeling dark overlord overstimulated on caffeine and marijuana cigarettes wouldn't do.

uncleozzy says ROCK ON and THANK YOU and WE LOVE HIM

Say 'allo to Byz, tell him I hope his sunburn isn't too bad, and sign me as 'Sheik YerBouti' :)

insanefuzzie says Happy Birthday, Byzantine! Sorry you're not anywhere where we can grab you and throw you a birthday party, but I hope you have a happy day anyway.

TheBooBooKitty says Happy birthday! Did you like her? The woman in the red dress? I coded her just for you.

Mister Biz, may no man or woman ever kick you in the balls. -don

Byzantine, O, Byzantine,
How doth your shining tail,
Prevent descent to yonder event,
And still deliver the mail?
(This has been "Surreal Birthday Minute" by Siouxsie. Happy Day!)

siouxsie says Oh! And please also tell Byz for me:

Hippo Birdies Two Ewes,
Hippo birdies two eeeewes,
Hippooooo birdeeeees two ewwwwwwwes,
Hippo birdes two ewes!

Footprints says tell him Happy Birthday. Ain't no Byz like you, Byz. (Yes it's lame, so sue me)

station23 says Happy Birthday! And hope you're snuggling up in the nodegel again soon!

wonko says Byz - I hope you eat lots of pie and lesbians!


To Byzantine: I love birthdays and yay for you having one! I hope yours is special and fun. ♥ Factgirl

Hippo birdie, two ewes! Hugs from wertperch

wertperch says Eee, thanks. I noticed that Siouxsie beat me to the line though :-/

Oolong says Er... I'd send a witty birthday greeting, but I'm fresh out.

carson. may this half-bottle of sour mash reach you right proper. happy birthday. aphexious

RalphyK says I have never met or spoken to Byzantine, but I heartily endorse this event or product

Happy Birthday! Have a weekend long celebration. rischi

ueni says someone should have said "hippo birdies, deer bees; hippo birdies two ewes", I think.

To the Orthodox saint born on the Feast of St. Benedict! Keep that theology coming! SEF

Close your eyes, make a wish, and blow...believe strong enough. your wish will come true. *smiles* Happy Birthday! Chras4

hamster bong says as for mister byz, he will always be stars and beautiful things to me (he should know this). i saw some naked mole rats yesterday.. very cute, very newborn. it reminded me of byz's birthday because he looks like a naked mole rat. all kidding aside, i'd love him to know i am thinking of him and that i am very glad he was born. :)

Ouroboros says Happy Birthday Byzantine!

Happy birthday! And the next thousand birthdays, too! -- liveforever

Ooh.. One million cheers and a few great balls of fire from me :)

Heya Carson! We're still thinking of you over here. Thanks for giving part of your life to protect part of ours. You're a true friend and a wonderful person, my good man. I hope to see you again soon! Happy Birthday -- dann