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No Exit is a one-panel comic drawn by Andy Singer. The amazing wit and freshness of his comic can be ascertained by the fact that he takes the title from the amazingly relevant play by Jean-Paul Sartre. Using the title of a play by a French Existentialist shows that you are a true existialist intellectual, ready to rebel against the commonly held beliefs of society.

And rebel he does! He is sure to challenge your thinking. Did you know that America is a militarist, consumeristic, hypocritical society that loves SUVs more than genuine human emotions? It may seem like a wild, far fetched idea, even to the readers of the left wing periodicals that Andy Singer runs his comic in, but apparently there may be a downside to the American Dream. For example, in one cartoon, there is a caption "successful man" above a picture of a man in a car, talking on a cell phone. Below that, is a picture of "unsuccessful man", who has neither car nor phone. I thought at first that this was just stating the obvious, that a cell phone and a car are signs of success. But then I realized that there might be some irony behind it, and that Mr. Singer might be pointing out subtly that there may be more to life than just buying stuff with money. Many of his other panels give us just such insight into the fact that life in America might not be all that it is cracked up to be.

With all of the problems that life and politics in America presents, I am sure that as soon as the skillful satire of Andy Singer becomes more well known, a wave of consciousness will sweep our country, washing away the prejudices of the past.