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New Zealand's first organic brewery

Ok, there are a couple of things that New Zealand is not particularly famous for:

a) Its organic produce. That's because there is almost none. In a non-subsidised industrial agro-economy there's just no place for that sort of thing. "No antibiotics or pesticide? You must be bloody mad or one of those green bastards, mate!"

b) Good Beer. Just like Australia, New Zealand is only really renowned for watery, industrially produced dish water (well, it tastes that way).

Unusually, there's a brewery that combines just those two things. The Founders Brewery in Nelson has been producing a range of four beers for the last 5 years, astonishingly with good success. You will find their range of beers in every well stocked off-licence and supermarket and they are certainly worthwhile checking out.

Next to only using certified organic produce, they use re-usable bottles, brew after the Reinheitsgebot, compost their organic waste and give their spent grain to the pigs.

Their current range of beers are:

Their brewery features an organic restaurant where you can sample the fruit of their labour.