I was out dove hunting with my step-father. I was 17 and I was using 12-gauge semi automatic shotgun.
The effective range for hunting dove with a 12-gauge is about forty yards. Beyond that the pellets don't always have enough force to kill the bird, but sometimes you can get lucky and stun it and knock it to the ground.

The bird I hit was out of range. I knew it, but it had been a slow day and you have to take the shots you have. I missed with my first shot, or it didn't hurt it, then I hit it fell. I actually thought I had killed it, because it fell straight down without flapping or struggling.

When I got closer I could see it standing on the ground. It was testing its wings, hopping around, getting ready to take off.

I only had one shell left, having wasted my first shot and hitting with the second.
I was about fifteen feet away when I pulled the trigger and destroyed the tiny, helpless bird.

I haven't shot at anything since then.