I found my friend 
Lying in the street 
By the golf course 
On the way to work 
By a car, a bloody car, 
And I found myself asking, 
Why do I care? 
It’s just a groundhog. 

But still my heart cried out for him, 
As I saw him crawling 
From one side 
To the other. 

I knew him 
I knew his clan 
I let my dog chase them 
Sometimes catching them 
Once killing one, 
But this was somehow different 
When before I had let my dog, 
Black lab, Dakota, all smiles, 
Chase them, 
For fun 
Taught them to be wary 
To fear humans 
So that they’d live 
Just a little longer 
But still I cried out for him. 

I knew him, 
I caught him in a tree once 
He looked at me 
I gazed at him 
As he scuttered 
Down the branch 
Back down 
Into his burrough. 
I knew him. 

It started to pour 
Thunder, demos, Donner, Zeus 
Lighting, Thor, flash,  Indra 
Blood washed from the road 
As he crawled, 
My friend, 
Across the street. 
Back left leg 
By some motorist 
Some dumb fuck 
Who didn’t bother to slow down 
As I do 
Whenever I see an animal 
In the road. 

I’ve stopped 
For groundhogs, 
And cats. 
Even once, 
I picked up a turtle 
Who was trying to cross the road 
“What were you thinking!” 
I scolded him, 
As I picked him up 
From the pavement 
And set him down 
On the grass 
By the road. 

I’ve chased stubborn 
Out of the street, 
Honked my horn 
At squirrels, 
To scare them out of my way, 
But never did I hit one. 
Never did I break one. 
But there he was 
My friend, 
In the middle of the road. 

What sort of fuck 
Was in too much of a hurry 
To slow down for him? 
What sort of bastard 
Didn’t have the mercy 
To finish the job 
That he began? 

Anger, rage, blindness, 
Adrenal glands 
fantasies of what I’d do 
To that malicious fuck 
Who broke my friend’s leg 
And left him to die, 
In the road 

I’d break him 
With my fists 
I’d drag him out of his car 
With my arms 
I’d run the mother fucker over 
With his own god damn car 
I’d crush his pelvic bone 
Right where it met his left leg 

And I’d leave him broken 
To die 
In the middle 
Of the road 
And a thunderstorm 
On a warm 

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