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A joke, or possibly a parable that they tell at Alcoholics Anonymous

Once there was a drunk, who fell into a deep hole and injured himself badly.

As he lay in there, unable to find any way to get out, a priest passed by, and looked down the hole.

"Well, my son" said the priest. "You're in a fine pickle".
"I'm fucked, Father," answered the drunk.
"I shall pray for you," said the priest and went on his way.

A little while later a doctor passed along the road and looked inside the hole.

"Bloody hell," he said. "How badly does it hurt?"
"I'm fucked, Doctor" said the drunk.
"Right," said the doctor, and wrote him a prescription. He dropped it into the hole and went on his way.

Shortly after this, a man wandered down the road, looked in the hole, saw the drunk and jumped in.

"Why d'ye do that?" demanded the drunk. "Now we're both fucked!"
"Yeah," said the man, "but i've been here before and i know the way out."

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