E2 @dmins can cool an entire node, which places it on the Page of Cool. Sometimes in the ebb and flow of the nodegel, nodes that were once Cool become unCool. Or perhaps they are so Cool that they deserve a new posting to the top of the Page of Cool.

@dmins have the ability to "uncool" a node which removes it from Page of Cool. Sometime in the recent past a well-meaning E2 coder added that classic bane of usability mavens everywhere, the "Are you sure?" dialog. (In this case it says "is it really uncool?") -- maybe because some admin clicked it by mistake whilst meaning to bookmark. Regardless, in so doing they fubar'd the uncool operation. I have repaired same, and once again the uncool may rise from their mouldering graves to seek the brains of the living. Or something.

Note that a glitch remains as of press time ... cooling a node that had been previously uncooled spews a Perl trace into the Epicenter. This seems harmless, and the cool operation does succeed. I will debug this later. I am not worried as I am pretty darn sure it's not anything I did wrong. :)

Update: Ha-ha. As a side effect, I disabled the code that showed non-admins who had cooled a node. It looked like a dead databse query, I swear. I love this code base, it's always a challenge. It's fixed up now, and I'll comment the bloody thing so the next coder doesn't make the same mistake.

Please /msg me if any untoward cool/uncool behaviours manifest themselves.

Since I'm rootlogging anyway, the "username_root" category nodes that some have asked about are part of bookmark changes that Kurt has been importing, as part of an ongoing research project.

Since my understanding is that the hosting of E2's servers at U of Michigan is directly related to Kurt's influence there, I suppose Kurt should be welcome to make all the wacky nodes that he wants to. :)

The illustrious N-Wing moved some things from User Settings to Nodelet Settings, because the first one was getting a bit bloated.

I (Brawl) then tweaked Epicenter's 'Preferences' line to link to both User Settings and Nodelet settings, since I change the former more often than the latter. As suggested by the esteemed Fruan, added a parameter to suppress the '&lastnode_id=nnnn' part of the link, which is apparently part of the softlink-maker-magic.

Please /msg me if any unpleasant Epicenter behaviours manifest themselves.

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