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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 11. Compote of Quails

Six quails will be required for this entrée. Truss them in the same way as chickens for boiling; place them in a stew-pan sufficiently large to hold them; put in a piece of butter, a small bunch of green onions, a little parsley, a sprig of marjoram, a few cloves, and a leaf of mace; set the stew-pan over the stove for ten minutes, throw in a tablespoonful of flour, and shake it about in the pan until mixed; add as much good broth as will cover the birds, and keep moving the stew-pan over the stove until the sauce boils; then remove it to the corner, and throw in some parings of mushrooms, and a glass of Madeira wine; try the birds occasionally, and when they are tender put them into a clean stew-pan, and should the sauce not be thick enough reduce it a little more; skim off all the grease, and pass it through a tammy to the quails; have ready some button mushrooms and some small forcemeat balls, throw them in and give the whole a boil up; dish the quails, and pour the sauce over them. For garnish you may put between each quail a piece of bread cut and fried, or a small pudding of forcemeat.